You Rule You

Depression is a weird thing. I think it’s mainly because it’s so misunderstood. 

You either suffer from it, you are kind to it, or you’re completely blind to it.

There are the people that know the pain of it. They know what it’s like to not want to get up each day. They know what it’s like to keep moving through each day, hour, minute, second, but just feel like you’re just there. You’re not really anything of substance. Of course, there are many difference faces of depression and different things that can cause it and different sub emotions that make each case individual. And that’s what makes everyone feel like they’re stranded on a planet, millions of miles away from other souls, without anyone to rely on.

There are the people who don’t suffer, who arrogantly deteriorate the minds of the people who suffer. Just because they don’t know what it feels like to feel trapped within yourself, they just assume that the feeling doesn’t exist. To someone who suffers in this way, it’s not only degrading, but also infuriating. There is nothing worse than seeing someone make fun of something that you didn’t chose to deal with. There’s nothing more upsetting to see someone not only see the pain in your eyes, but act like it’s not even real.

There’s a truth to it. Everyone that suffers from depression can sympathize for other sufferers. If you suffer, even if it’s something other than depression, you shouldn’t be trying to destroy them more than they’re already destroying themselves. Actually, even if you don’t know if someone is suffering at all, you shouldn’t try to break them just because you don’t know where their cracks are. 

I truly believe that if a sufferer of depression, or any mental illness, is confronted with someone just like themselves, they shouldn’t encourage the behavior of tearing themselves into pieces. Everyone wants recovery, but it’s such a long journey that no one really wants to risk the little bit of the sanity they have left to try to get there. There are tons of people suffering, and now that social media has become such a prominent thing in so many lives, there is a way that people can connect anonymously with people just like themselves. It breaks my heart to not only see people openly talk about the feelings that are overwhelming their thoughts, but I’ve also been able to watch people encourage others to give up on getting better, to skip their therapist appointments, to make it seem like their lives are stuck under this dark cloud for however long they will live.

That makes my heart cry a little bit. In this time, when social media is able to change lives, we need to use that power to our advantage, Instead of assisting each other in making the disease take over more, you can work together and fight it. Because no matter what your mind is telling you, you are always stronger than your disease. The job of that disease is to convince you that it’s the other way around. The truth to life is that there isn’t anything thrown at you that you can’t fight and conquer. You can’t let anything make you believe differently and you can’t let anything make you feel like you aren’t in control of you.



4 thoughts on “You Rule You

  1. Hi, my name is Bill Yadon (@mrbillyadon). I don’t hide who I am or what I am. I’m an adult male who has Bipolar 2 disorder. What is Bipolar 2? It is Bipolar disorder combined with acute dysphoria (depression). After living with this for 20 years I can describe it as acute hell. The Bipolar highs have all the ugly stuff that is attached, like overspending, not sleeping, etc. The Bipolar lows take the depression to depths that even a depressive can’t imagine. I’ve managed to fight this to a draw. But, it has taken 20 years of professional help to keep things under control. I think there are two messages. One is to get professional help. Two is don’t worry about beating it (if you do you do, but sometimes you can’t), concentrate on it not ruling your life and accepting a tie.


  2. This is all actually so accurate. The internet should help us, not destroy us. The internet helps me, but there’s always gonna be those people, everywhere, who are gonna try to tear you down. And there’s not much anyone has really done about it. I honestly think that anyone who doesn’t know how to be online without hurting someone, should not be online at all. I’ve been in countless situations where I was emotionally attacked on the internet for countless reasons. Most of the time it happens when I try to defend the people who are there for me. And it hurts me to see someone who is trying to help me become someone who needs help. Nobody deserves to be depressed, or to have illnesses, or disease, or disorders, or to be bullied. Yet it happens. And it’s terrible how often it happens. Bullying has an enormous impact of depression. I have depression, and the bullying make it 100% worse. I’ve had a history with being physically and mentally injured by the people in my household, and it makes me really shy and fidgety. I stutter, I get scared easily, I have difficulty even saying “hi” to people. And I can’t tell you how many times people have pretended like they were about to hit me or punch me, even though they had no intention to. And when that happens, I get made fun of for screaming or flinching or backing up. Honestly, it kills, because I can’t help it. People need to realize what they’re doing to other people. Thanks so much for posting this because it’s so entirely accurate.


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